Dave, Humanby

"I’ve had serious back, neck and shoulder problems for years and have used various medications to deal with the pain but they did not help that much. I decided to try some acupuncture and after just a few weeks with Ruth there was a huge improvement in my pain and movement in my neck was much better. I highly recommend anyone thinking about acupuncture to give it a go. Ruth has been so helpful."

Bernard, Irton

"I had shoulder surgery about a year ago which helped me regain movement in my shoulder but left me in near constant pain. I had tried everything from injections and painkillers, to physio, but nothing helped. A friend recommended me to try acupuncture with Ruth, and the results have been excellent. I rarely have pain anymore……5 stars!!!!!."


Simon, Cayton

"I’m not new to acupuncture and its benefits, but after recently moving house I was in need of a new acupuncturist and was recommended Ruth by a friend. Her premises and treatment rooms are pleasant and comfortable, Ruth is very knowledgable and calmly explains what she is going to do and why. After an excruciating episode of back and leg pain from sciatica, 6 treatments with Ruth virtually eliminated the pain."

Michelle, Scarborough

"For several months my sciatica was giving me back and leg pain and I was starting to limp. I went to Ruth as I was recommended by a friend. The results have been amazing. I’m so much better and have treatment every 8 weeks now to keep my back in good condition. I would highly recommend Ruth and acupuncture treatment. I have also referred my mother to her for chronic pain issues and she is helping her too."